So you’ve decided to go with one of the many satellite internet companies – but which one is right for you?

General Satellite Internet Comparison Overview HughesNet WildBlue
Number of satellite installations worldwide 1,200,000+ 250,000+
Number of operational satellites 13 2
Years providing Satellite Internet service 13 3
Number of years in business operation 30+ 6
Manufactures satellite system equipment Yes No
Manufactures communications satellites Yes No
Services US government and US military Yes No
Services large-business, enterprise (Fortune 1000) customers Yes No
Services US government and US military Yes No
Services large-business, enterprise (Fortune 1000) customers Yes No
Services small to medium business customers Yes No
Services home-office and residential customers Yes No
Number of network operations centers (NOC) /td> 3 1
Uses Internet Protocol Over Satellite standard (IPos) Yes No
Minimum service commitment 24 Months 24 Months
Parts warranty 24 Months 24 Months
Labor warranty 24 Months 90 Days
Service call fee after 90 days $0 $75/per hr
Ka / Ku band compatible Yes No
30 Day return Fee $0 $79.00
30 Day return Refund on hardware Yes Yes
Option to OWN your equipment Yes No
Free Shipping Delivery Yes No

Satellite Internet Companies

Satellite Internet ModemThere are really only two players when it comes to high-speed satellite internet companies. Sitting at the top, are HughesNet and WildBlue. So which one has the fastest internet connection, best prices or most web space? Or perhaps you are wondering about the satellite internet dealer that offers the most secure for your small business or for working at home. Well, you’ve come to the right place for satellite internet comparisons & dealer reviews.

If you already know what features you are looking for in a satellite internet service, check out the General Overview chart to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for more detailed information, you can read some commonly asked questions about satellite internet comparisons, satellite internet companies and satellite internet dealers below.

Satellite Internet Comparison: Is HughesNet or WildBlue better for home use?

When considering which one of the many satellite internet companies to choose, the answer is determined more on preference, usage and location. First thing to check would be your location. The HughesNet broadband internet service has a wider reach than WildBlue so the case could be closed immediately if HughesNet is the only satellite internet dealer in your area. If both services are available, next thing you should ask yourself what you’ll need your satellite internet service to do for you. If you are just going online to occasionally check email, maybe speed isn’t that big of a deal to you. But if you are going to be downloading large files, gaming online, or emailing heavily with large files then you might need a quicker internet service package. HughesNet has the best satellite internet with 3 available packages as well.

Should I go with WildBlue or HughesNet when it comes to running a business?

Of the two satellite internet companies, HughesNet broadband is the clear winner here. HughesNet broadband internet service is the best choice for many small business owners and people with home offices. The HughesNet service is perfect for small businesses in the fact that you get a secured personal network only accessible by people you choose to grant access. When you access and store personal and private information as all businesses do, you can’t afford to get your system hacked in to. A HughesNet satellite dealer packagessystem is almost impossible to crack because of how often they change coding. Also with certain dealer packages you can get up to 20 users on the same network and up to 10 email accounts – perfect for small businesses and home offices. Another bonus is that the HughesNet network is capable of reaching anywhere in the United States – that’s something Cable, WildBlue, and Dial-up are currently incapable of.Still got questions about which HughesNet Package is right for you?

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