Fair Access Policy Overview

It’s important to know that all Satellite Internet Service Providers utilize “Shared Bandwidth Technology.” Simply put, that means everyone with satellite internet access shares one “ultra” high-speed connection in order to get high speed satellite internet access at each of their homes. However, in some cases, as few as 5% of the users can consume as much as 50% of an Internet Service Provider’s broadband satellite internet access bandwidth, making the satellite internet access run slower for everyone else!

We at HughesNet understand that your satellite internet connection is important to you and you expect fair and equitable access when you go online. We couldn’t agree with you more! Our Fair Access Policy has been established to protect you, and other consumers, from that small percentage of users who try to take advantage of the shared shared satellite internet access by downloading abnormally large amounts of information in a short period of time. Our Fair Access Policy prevents this from happening, and makes sure that you get your “share” of the high speed satellite internet access connection.

The Fair Access Policy helps HughesNet assure that its subscribers receive equal high speed broadband satellite internet access to our service. We want you to get the high speed satellite internet access service you pay for! For further information about FAP, read more details at ยป fairaccess.hughesnet.com

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