Slow Satellite Internet

Slow Internet speeds can be very frustrating. Whether it is your Internet connection or a sluggish computer, no one has time to deal with slow Internet speeds. So if your satellite Internet response time seems to be taking longer than it should, try these easy troubleshooting solutions:

  1. Background programs. Ensure you’re not running any programs that constantly access the Internet. An example of a program that constantly runs in the background are chat programs. Because these programs are always sending and receiving data, they are also always using up your Internet connection signal. So when you’re trying to do something else, say check the weather, the weather program you’re using may operate more slowly.
  2. Multiple users connected to the same network. See who else in the house may be on the same Internet network you are when experiencing satellite Internet slow response times. Every computer that is powered on and connected to the Internet—even if no one is actively doing anything on that computer—is using bandwidth.
  3. Antenna positioning. Ensure that the antenna on your Internet modem is positioned correctly. Remember, when you’re connecting to the web through a satellite, the antenna needs to point in a specific direction. You should have been given the proper positioning information when your satellite Internet system was initially set up. But if you can’t remember or have lost your notes, call your Internet service provider (ISP). If your ISP is Satellite Internet Pros, you’ll get the fast and dependable customer service you need to get back on the web.
  4. Modem and routers. Another issue could be your modem or router. Your ISP should be able to tell you if this is may be the cause of slow speeds based on the type of service you have.

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