Satellite Internet ComparisonFor customers looking for reliable internet where cable is not an option, there are several satellite internet providers that offer high speed internet service.

The question that usually comes around when searching for a satellite internet package is “which company would be best suited for me or my business and who has the best prices?” Hughesnet has been on the market much longer than Wildblue then Wildblue came around to give Hughesnet a run for their money. When making a choice between these two companies it’s not always easy to compare speed, price, equipment and discounts.

First of all, let’s put into comparison the service of both companies. When requesting high speed satellite internet, both companies work through a set up time depending on if your local contractor has the equipment in stock. Wildblue installers usually don’t keep the equipment in stock and therefore must order the equipment which may take up to 3 weeks leaving you wait at least one month for set up but with Hughesnet, installers always have the equipment in stock and have most consumers set up in at least 3-6 business days.

Totaling up the equipment and installation cost with Wildblue including their promotions leads up to approximately $328.95 but with Hughesnet, their installation and equipment cost leads up to $299.99 leaving the consumer with a saving $28.95 over Wildblue. So comparing the both satellite internet providers, Hughesnet has a clear advantage over wildblue.