Compare satellite Internet, Cable, and DSL

Compare Satellite Internet, Cable, and DSL

As our world has become more and more connected to the Internet our needs have grown so that Internet access at home is almost a necessity not a luxury any more. So when trying to find the best solution for Internet access at home there are generally three major choices: satellite Internet, cable, and DSL. Let’s explore some of the differences between them.

What is DSL Internet?

First and most common is DSL internet access. DSL stands for digital subscriber line, which is a term used for the line provided by your telephone company to allow access to high speed data services. It is also considered as an always on service. It gives you the ability to use your phone line for voice and data transmission at the same time.

What is Cable Internet?

The second type of Internet access is cable Internet access and is provided to you from your cable tv provider. The data service is established by using a cable modem. Because a coaxial cable is being used rather than a phone line more bandwidth and faster speed is achieved.

What is Satellite Internet?

The third type of Internet access is called Satellite Internet access. Satellite Internet access is gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds. People who lived in rural areas and were unable to get high speed Internet access either by DSL or Cable services are now able to get that high speed they desire via satellite. One of the biggest companies is HughesNet. Rural areas used to only have the option of dial up internet access which was slow and tied up the phone line while you were on the Internet. Now the ability to have Satellite access and keep the phone line ready for all calls is here. Since HughesNet uses satellite technology as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky you can access the Internet and take advantage of always on services, super fast downloads and you can surf the Internet with out having to wait for pages to load. The installation of satellite service is very quick and easy, a qualified technician from HughesNet comes to your location and connects your computer to a satellite modem which is then in turn connected to a satellite dish. The installation professional makes sure it is all working and you on your way to getting the high speed Internet access you desire. So as you have read there are many types of internet access available to you depending on your location and the services available to you in that area. But remember if you can see that southern sky you can have satellite Internet access.

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