Is your satellite Internet so slow that you have time to make a sandwich between hitting the Enter key and receiving a response? If so, you probably have bigger computer problems than your satellite Internet. But if your response time seems sluggish, there are some easy solutions at your disposal.

First, make sure you’re not running any programs that constantly access the Internet. An example of this is a chat program. Since these programs are always sending and receiving data, they are also always stealing signal time. That means when you’re doing something else—say checking a weather website—that program will operate more slowly. Just remember that the chat room is active whenever you are logged into it, whether or not you have its screen up on your computer.

Another tip is to find out who else in the house might be on the Internet when you are experiencing satellite Internet slow response times. Every computer that is powered on and connected to the Internet—even if no one is actively doing anything on that computer—is using bandwidth. If no one is actively using the computer, ask the user to disconnect from the Internet until they really need it.

But if you are home alone, all other computers on the network are turned off, and you’re simply trying to check your email but the Internet is slow, your satellite set-up might need attention. Make sure that the antenna on your Internet modem is positioned correctly. Remember, you’re connecting to the web through a satellite, so your antenna needs to point in a specific direction. You should have been given the proper positioning information when you initially set up your satellite internet system. But if you can’t remember or have lost your notes, call your Internet service provider (ISP). If your ISP is Satellite Internet Pros, you’ll get the fast and dependable customer service you need to get back on the web.

If you’re still asking yourself, “Why is my satellite Internet so slow?” then you may need to update your modem or router. Again, your ISP should be able to tell you if this is necessary based on the type of service you have. If you haven’t upgraded this equipment in a while, consider doing so. Your ISP can also upgrade your firmware during the same phone call, which will improve your response time as well.

So any time you start to wonder why satellite Internet is so slow, you can follow the advice above. More than likely, you’ll discover that satellite Internet isn’t the problem after all.